About Us

Ten Fu Tenmax biotechnology company, headquartered in Xiang’an District, Xiamen City, has own biotechnology development factory, occupies 7 hectare and about 170,000,000 RMB total investment. When our company invested 80,000,000 RMB, the whole company already had several innovation and development centers like beauty skin care, health care, and personal care, logistics center, administration building, staff dormitory and some other infrastructures. In addition, our company also set up several subsidiaries in different provinces such as Hunan, Changsha; Dalian, Liaoning; Lanzhou, Gansu etc; expanding the market of the product. 

The goal of Ten Fu Tenmax is that using biotechnology domain extracts the benefit of Tea of health to research and develop various functions and series of products, especially some beauty skin care products, some health nutrition products, tea commodity, tea detergent and so on. The biotechnology experiment lab comes from Fujian Provinces which has many tea material resources. On the other hand, our company works with United States, Taiwan advanced biotechnology institutions and also some domestic scientific research institutions to operate biotechnology product contain Tea Polyphenolos, Tea Nanomolecular, Green Tea Essence and so on. Therefore, our company produces several kinds of Tea biotechnology beauty skin care products, health nutrition products, and some commodity and detergent of series. Ten Fu Tenmax helps people make good use of tea which has advantage of environment and is important thing. The demand of diversity of tea product can be satisfied by Ten Fu Tenmax. Furthermore, our company promotes traditional tea industry to biotechnology industry. 

Xiamen Ten Fu Tenmax follows the philosophy of management of Ten Fu Group in order to support customers that have passion with nutrition of health of tea and takes full advantage of high technology skill to make tea nutrition into the function of product like commodity and detergent. The goal of the Ten Fu Tenmax is to help every customer feel the nature of life, and making Chinese Tea and Tea Culture to go to international market, and coming true Chinese Dream.