Social Charity

About Us

To establish “Sharing Love” foundation to assist poor elders and helpless children, and contribute love to our society 


Nowadays, in mainland of China, there are still more than 120,000 poverty villages and 82,490,000 rural poor populations. Elder people are homeless and children are helpless. They don’t have enough food to eat and enough cloth to wear. They need love and help from all walks of life.

In 2014, two Xiamen high school students (Li Qing &Liu Sijia) began to donate notebooks, and initiated a public benefit activity which called “Sharing Love”. Their loving heart inspired all of their classmates and even more than 3,000 teachers and students in whole school to dedicate their love together. 

Ten Fu Tenmax has been moved and inspired by them, and fully sponsor and support to charity bazaar, donation and set up foundation. Many people from all walks of life actively joined and support “Sharing Love” activity to be went on wheels. All raised goods, materials and funds were sent to some charity organizations. To spread love across the mainland of China, to give the help to the people who need it, Ten Fu Tenmax will do more positive things. And Ten Fu Tenmax will go further as where the love spread.

Therefore, Ten Fu Tenmax invites you to share love together. Let’s help the people who need it as possible as we can, and spread positive energy to all over of China.