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Ten Fu Group was established by Chairman Lee Rie Ho. In 1953, Chairman Lee opened the first Ten Ren tea shop in Taiwan. In the past 50 years, with the philosophy of “Old Business, New Management”, Chairman Lee concentrated on the tea culture including honest, politeness, faith and practice and quickly expanded more than 60 Ten Ren retail tea shops in Taiwan. Moreover, Ten Ren tea shop became long history and famous Tea Corporation in the world which is named The Ten Ren Tea Co., Ltd. In Taiwan, there are 12 companies have relationship with Ten Ren Tea Co., Ltd. These companies manage different ranges of business such as security, investment, tourist, hospital of traditional medicine, fund of art of Chinese tea and so on. In 1980, under Chariman Lee’s leading, the group began to develop international market. There are total 130 franchised stores in all around the world like Taiwan, United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and some the other counties. The company has hundred of retail shop, so Uncle Lee’s Tea Inc, was founded in the United States of America, also signed on a cross licensing agreement with Ten Ren and also the corporation stock official in the trading market in Taiwan. Tea is a traditional industry, but Ten Ren Tea Co., Ltd helps the industry become more emerging, modernization and globalization.

In 1993, Ten Fu Group was founded by Chairman Lee Rie Ho and is Tea industry in mainland China. The group strongly believes in developing, manufacturing, marking, creating, and culture its own of products and bases on Fujian Culturing, Domestic Treasure, and World Recognition for business management to open franchised store. This philosophy has helped Ten Fu Group to become the leader in the tea business. In the end of 2013, Chariman Lee has opened more 1352 franchised stores in China and one subsidiary oversea. Ten Fu Group currently has thirteen manufacturing factories; Ten Fu Tea Factory (Zhangzhou, Fujian), Ten Fu Tea Food Factory (Zhangzhou, Fujian), Ten Ren Food Factory( Zhangzhou, Fujian), Ten Fu Tea Set Factory( Zhangzhou, Fujian), Ten Fu Tiekuanyin Tea Factory( Anxi, Hua’an, Fujian), Ten Yuan Tea Factory( Fuzhou, Fujian), Jiajiang Ten Fu Tea Garden(Le Shan, Sichuan), Ten Fu Pu’er Tea Factory( Kunming, Yunnan), Ten Fun Longjing Tea  Factory(Xinchang, Zhejiang), Ten Fu Jasmine Tea Factory( Guigang, Guangxi), Liyang Ten Fu Tea Garden(Liyang, Jiangsu), and Ten Fu Tenmax biotechnology company.  Zhangzhou College of Science and Technology, Two Ten Fu Tea Museums, Stone Sculpture Garden, and four Ten Fu Rest and Service in Toll Road Zones are under the name of Ten Fu Group. Ten Fu Group obtained the reward of the well-known trademark of China which was the first tea business received the reward. Packing, selling, innovating, culture, education, travelling consist of Ten Fu Tea, so Ten Fu Tea became the biggest of tea business in the world. 


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Vancouver, Canada

813 Tea


Shanghai, China

High Mountain Tea King,Jasmine Pearl, Black Tea, Green Tea Chocolate


Pusan, Korea

A-Li Shan Oolong Tea, Taiwan Pineapple Pie



Cha He Tian Xia


Beijing, China

Bud Tea Series

As the king of tea in the world, Chairman Lee mentions that the whole group has to spread Chinese Tea Culture throughout the world and organize tea houses in order to let more and more people know what is the Chinese tea culture and art. The goal of Ten Fu Group is to be a stage helping our population understand traditional Chinese drinking is very important ,wish the tea flavor flaunting all over the world, create a peaceful, harmonious, wealthy, and civilized environment.