About Us

Corporate philosophy: Health, technology, Hospitality

“Health” inherited from the corporate philosophy of Ten Fu Group. It integrates natural healthy elements and cultural implications of tea into every consumer’s life.

“Technology” represents that the bio-technology of Tenmax keeps pace with the times, and have the courage to bring innovation. Tenmax creates brand-new research platform with modern biotechnology, produces more products with excellent quality, brings more benefits to human being with “green gold” – tea leaves, and upgrades traditional tea industry into high technology industry.

“Hospitality” inherited from humanistic care of Ten Fu Group which focuses on the communication and interaction with every distributor, and serves every distributor timely and sincerely. Tenmax dedicates to build itself as another “home” of every distributor. In the future, we will offer more excellent services to every distributor, and make them feel “home”, “warm” and “happy”.

Enterprise spirit: to share successful glory with all staff and assume failed responsibility by myself 

The founder of Ten Fu Group – Mr. Lee Rei-ho insists good faith, strict self-discipline and commitment. When the group faces a crisis, he has the courage to assume the responsibility. He observes law and discipline, and keeps promise during the operation and management of the group.He earns high reputation and public praise. His motto is “to share successful glory with all staff and assume failed responsibility by myself”. Mr.Lee creates the first brand in the tea industry and two listed company with truthful and faithful operation and management strategy. And Tenmax inherits and continues to develop the spirit of founder. Tenmax will share health and resource with all society, distributors and staffs, and create health industry and future with them.

Corporate vision: To create and enjoy a beautiful life via tea’s culture.

Tenmax will research, develop and producemore excellent products for human’s health. It keeps a foothold in Xiamen,expands to China and to look around all over the world. Chinese tea and unique tea’s culture will launch into international market as brand-new posture, and come true century dream of Chinese tea.