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Oriental Beauty Tea

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      The Oriental Beauty Tea comes from the city of Hsinchu, Miao Li County, Taiwan. Actually, it has different names and also known as Bai Hao Oolong or Champagne Formosa. The Oriental Beauty dates back to the end of the 19th century, when Taiwan began to export teas to the western countries. During this time, tea was mostly harvest at low altitudes in the plains of northern Taiwan. Most of the tea farmers were new immigrants from the Fujian Province of China with little experience for growing tea. Each summer, the farmer’s tea plants were eaten by swarms of small green leaf cicadas. The farmers didn’t bother to harvest these tea plants because the tea with low quality would be resold by the foreign traders. However, in the early 20th century, one farmer in Taipei harvested his bitten leaves and managed to sell them for a high price to one of the foreign traders. The tea merchant presented a sample of this tea to Queen Elizabeth II. Legend has it that the tea made from these leaves were so good that it made its way to the Queen who named it “Oriental Beauty.” Back to Taipei, the farmer bragged to everyone how great his tea were, and thus the tea was also dubbed “Pong Fong Cha” or “bragger’s tea”.

      Oriental Beauty is a heavily fermented, non-roasted, and tip-type oolong tea and has the feature of oolong tea like enthusiastic, brave and genuine. The leaves of this tea have white or golden tips, natural fruity aromas, a bright red appearance and a sweet taste. Ten Fu’s Oriental Beauty Tea requires a long brewing and can be steeped multiple times. After several times steep, the leaves still stay bright, fresh, and aromatic. Ten Fu uses the special can to package in order to keep the leaves fresh and paint a beautiful oriental lady is the same as its name. The tea is people’s favor for its depth of personality and ability to handle long steep time.