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The History of Tea in China, Ten Fu Tenmax Health Nutrition Product Inheritance

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      As we all know, China has a history of 5,000 years and also long history of tea. Chinese have enjoyed tea for millennia. In Chinese tea culture, brewing tea is a cure for a variety of ailments, because tea contains a large number of possibly bioactive chemicals, including vitamins, amino acids, flavonoids, caffeine and several polysaccharides, and a great of diversity of health effects have been proposed and investigated. Following the time increasing spread Chinese tea throughout the world; Chinese tea culture is going to change now. Our company, Ten Fu Tenmax, extract the health factors of tea to produce health nutrition products and the demand of goods is increasing in order to keep health and beauty. A success of Ten Fu Tenmax is the result of long time development and exploration. With the improvement of living standards, health requirement of different food and beverage are increasing, while the tea as one of the world’s three major beverage become a necessary in daily life. Therefore, our company uses the benefit of traditional tea to research health care products and transforms tea industry into biotechnology. Ten Fu Tenmax knows the demand of health of people making nature and health commodity.

      According to some institutional forecasting, the number of health nutrition product is going to ascend in the future. Based on the Chinese tea culture and modern health theory establish health care products containing health care function and becomes more and more popular.
      Ten Fu Tenmax devotes our entire life to keep in cure of tea health, spread Chinese cure of tea culture throughout the world and also change people to have a health modern life, so the whole company receive the majority of Chinese support. During long period development, Ten Fu Tenmax already have become the first of Chinese health tea brand, also will keep working to do the best.
      There is no doubt that the success of Ten Fu Tenmax is closely related to the manager of philosophy, faith and provides superior quality of health. The markets of health care products become more and more mature, so most of consumers know what they need and what they want. The goal of Ten Fu Tenmax is that using the care of tea combine drinking tea and health to provide new, modern, and healthy products for customers. Our company uses the advance skill to extract the benefit from tea to produce more convenient and healthier tea products to help people to taste a nature, health, and green way of life easily, and also another way to spread the profound Chinese tea culture. Therefore, our company has to keep on satisfying and innovating to the need of consumers in order to develop the entire company life.