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Thousands People Visited Headquarter of Ten Fu Group on 28 & 29 October, 2014

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On 28th October, it is an autumn season. The family of Ten Fu Tenmax from everywhere came to headquarter of Ten Fu Group. They got together and talked to each other like the feeling of coming home. 

Our old friends introduced the story of our group and our new friends heard that is interesting. They were smiling and cautious about the development of tea culture and Ten Fu Group. 

In this journey, they also visited the National 4A level scenic spot and Service in Toll Road Zones. In the group, we can know more about ancestors from mainland China and came to Taiwan Island and created the glory and legend.


They visited the Ten Fu Tea Museum and the biggest theme of tea of museum. 


Zhangzhou College of Science and Technology is first college has tea major. Friends knew more the power of Tenmax and increased friendship each other through the visiting.

At 28th night, the meeting was held in KingSton Hotel in Zhangpu, and the meeting room was full of people. Thank you for leaders sharing their experiences. 

In 29th October, 2014, they went to Xiamen, Biotechnology garden to have a meeting. In the meeting, the president of Tenmax, Stanley Lee, shared the mission and vision of Tenmax and cross-border cooperation, which was full of opportunity and advantage. Therefore, everybody was full of confidence. The journey is finished expecting welcome to next time.