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The product training meeting of Ten Fu Tenmax in Wuxi City had a successful ending

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On 27 October, 2014, a product training meeting of Ten Fu Tenmax was held in Wuxi City. The meeting room was full of people before the meeting began.

Miss Iris Zheng, who is the nutrition lecturer of Tenmax, gave an easy and alive speech of health care products to the members from Jiangsu market. She taught through lively activities and repeatedly interacted with the members. Most of the members said that they have learnt a lot of knowledge in happiness. Meanwhile, many members stated that this product training meeting was worthy as well.

Mrs. Yingjian Sun, who is the manager of Training Department of Tenmax, used the method of reality show to exhibit the fascinating effects of Tenmax’s skin care products for everyone. The wrinkles of the model were disappearance after Manager Sun’s show. Under the wonderful show and interaction of Manager Sun, the atmosphere of meeting liked heat hot stroke the heart of every member.

Our members are very active and positive. We saw their enthusiasm to the career of Tenmax. We have the confidence to develop this career to get bigger, faster and further.

During the meeting, the test samples of new products aroused members’ interesting. They gave full of praise to new products. Also they sincerely thank the strong support from Tenmax.

This product training meeting in Wuxi City had a happy ending. In the future, there are more and more training meeting will be held deeply in this city. Tenmax will keep promoting channel development strongly, and holding more product training meetings. Also Tenmax will cooperate with more excellent specialists and lecturers to drive market development together, and provide more efficient product promotion mode to more distributors.