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2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation was held in China again, Ten Fu Group attended again

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On 9th -10th November, 2014, the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation was held in Beijing. The President of Ten Fu Group, Lee Shih-Wei and the President of Ten Fu Tenmax Lin Boqi were invited to attend to APEC. In a dining hall that was once a swimming pool for Olympic champions and now resembles a traditional Chinese garden, leaders and celebrities from the Asia-Pacific were welcomed as "friends and neighbors" of China. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit attracted over 1,500 business people from 21 APEC member economies and 17 other countries and regions.

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for efforts to create and fulfill an Asia-Pacific dream, saying China's economy will bring huge opportunities and benefits to the region and the world.

Under the new normal conditions, he said, China's economic growth has become more stable and been driven by more diverse forces while the Chinese economic structure has been improved and upgraded, heralding a more stable development prospect. The presentation of President Xi attracted a lot of feedbacks. 

The picture comes from the video of APEC; the President of Ten Fu Tenmax, Lin Boqi was interviewed. 

On August 4th, 2014, the President of Ten Fu Tenmax represented Ten Fu Group and other three companies to sign sponsor agreement with Beijing Government and became the only one of APEC sponsor. From 1997 to present, Ten Fu Group sponsored five times for APEC. “My Tea” series products were provided for this year.


The President of Ten Fu Group, Lee Shih-Wei, and the President of Ten Fu Tenmax, Lin, Boqi represented our company to give as a present to Vincent C. Siew who the a Taiwanese politician and represented at the leader of  Taiwan to attend to APEC. 

813 Tea, High Mountain Tea King, and A-Li Shan Oolong Tea passed inspections sponsored many APEC leaders, in Vancouver, 1997, in Shanghai, 2001, in Pusan, 2005, in Singapore, 2009, respectively.


Tea always is the national drink of China means harmony. Through many thousands yeas, tea, china, silk of China are famous all over the world. Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation is an international convention based on tea to throughout the world.