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The First Global Convention of Ten Fu Tenmax Had a Happy Ending

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Running Life

Xiamen is a beautiful port city located in Southeast coast of China. At the end of November, the weather is rain and cold, but it cannot stop the pursue health passion of Tenmax family. 

On November 29th, 2014, 6 o'clock, in the Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center, a Running Life,5 kilometer running, was held by Tenmax. There was a two days global convention meeting. The first day is a busy day which has an open ceremony and the second is running life. Although everyone felt very tired in the first day, they also joined the Running Life early to have a good health and beautiful life and successful business. Furthermore, the top managers of Tenmax also took part in the running such the President Lee of Ten Fu Group, the President Lin of Tenmax, and the CEO Chang of Tenmax. 


The warming up exercise with President Lee of Ten Fu Group, President Lin of Tenmax, and CEO Chang of Tenmax. 

The handsome guy leaded everybody walking. 


The top managers took photos with our families. The whole walking was full of relax and funny. 

Our families sprinted to the terminal point.

The fantastic classes kept performing

A morning hour is the best time of the day to work. After two-hour walking, everyone felt spirit and went to the class which they interested. 

The professional beautician explained the skin care product of mask.

6 Round Steps for new distributor were full of people. 

The special lecture was from Manager Sun. 

Products Exhibition Area

The products exhibition area is another highlight in the global innovation. There were several popular products and new products in the exhibition. In order to appear innovation and technology of Tenmax, we also set up the future products which would come out. There are 30 cashier and 20 self order for convenient to purchase. After purchased, buyer can stay their purchase into the locker. Therefore, our families could go to class or take activities anywhere. We also had shipping service, EMS, to delivery to your home. 

The larger product exhibition

In the self order, families 


The luxurious franchise house

Families tried to use the new products mask.


New Products 


There are several new products would come to see everybody. 

Prize Presentation Ceremony

The alive main meeting room

The beautiful lady comes from Ukraine was a DJ to open the convention. 

The CEO of Tenmax Morgan Chang, and the Business Department Director of Tenmax Chou launched the POLO T-shirt of Tenmax. 

The beautiful singer sang a song for the whole convention.  

The life cycle of Tenmax is growing like newborn baby with energy to lead everybody to pursuing their ideal life.  

The achievement of past year

The presentation of CEO, Morgan, shared the achievement of past year and the excellent future and hope, so attracted a lot of applause and every family was proud of him. 

Award ceremony

The final moment, the most exciting moment, was the award ceremony. The president of Ten Fu Group, Stanley Lee, the president of Tenmax, Lin Boqi, and the CEO of Tenmax, Morgan Chang was representative to award. The success of Tenmax was contributed by all of Tenmax staff and distributions.  

The CEO of Tenmax took the pictures with three stars of ruby distributions. 

The President of Tenmax took the photos with emerald distributions. 

The president of Ten Fu Group took the pictures with sapphire distributions.

The first global convention was happy ending. Let us to expect next time will have different convention.