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Lu Yu Tea Art Center 34 Anniversary Celebration

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Lu Yu is represented as the Sage of Tea for his contribution to Chinese tea culture. He is the best known for his monumental book The Classic of Tea, the first of definitive work on cultivating, making and drinking tea. The Lu Yu Tea Art Center was built by Lee Rie Ho who is the chairman of board of directors of Ten Fu Group and Ten Ren Group in 1980, which is one of important tea institution of those two groups. The majority duty of that are educating tea ceremony, designing and producing tea pots. According 34 years development, Lu Yu Tea Art Center was proud of both sides of the Taiwan Straits and more over around the world. 

On December 14, every guest around the world came to Lu Yu Tea Art Center for celebration. In the ceremony, everybody agreed the development of Lu Yu Tea Art Center and also expected the future would take more care about the tea art culture. Chairman Lee thanked and admired their help.

During past 34 years, Lu Yu Tea Art Center was concentrate on following:

Firstly, developing design idea of modern tea pots made sure the idea of research. These years, the center was contribution to Taiwanese tea pot pushing the famous pot exploitation. Finally, the center became the leading brand. 

Then, the center also built academic technology of Tea Science and Tea Ceremony. There are different kinds of Tea Art classes in the Tea Science and the number of student reaches more than 30,000. In the middle of them, many people were engaged in the Tea Art teaching and Tea Ceremony. 

Lastly, the center created the master certification of tea making and there were 1007 people passed the test and got the master certification. In addition, the center held many activities for expanding the Tea Art Culture.


Lu Yu Center made a huge contribution to the social and history. This year is the 34th birthday of center, all of staffs in the center and a lot of people working in tea culture made a foundation of tea art and tea industry in Taiwan in these 34 years. We are expecting the next generations would continue to carry on the tea culture. 

Furthermore, Lu Yu Tea Art Group Limited was built another branch in Taodu of Taiwan, Yin-Gao Taiwan hoping more achievement in the future.