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The First Global Convention of Ten Fu Tenmax was successfully held in Xiamen

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On 28 November 2014, the first global convention of Ten Fu Tenmax was held in Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. There were 15000 people attended this large conference. This important and exciting event would be recorded as a glorious history of Ten Fu Tenmax.

As the final count down from 10 to 0, the top leaders of Ten Fu Tenmax pushed handspike together. At this moment, whole meeting hall was filled with enthusiastic screaming and hurrah of all attendees. At this moment, Ten Fu Tenmax officially launched out the international markets.

The top leaders are Mr Rie-ho Lee who is the chairman of director board of Ten Fu Group, Mr. Stanley Lee who is the president of Ten Fu Group, Mr. Boqi Lin who is the president of Ten Fu Tenmax, Mr. Morgan Chang who is the executive general manager of Ten Fu Tenmax and Mr. Tsaichi Chang who is the general manager of Ten Fu Tenmax.

In the morning of 28 November, the natural, healthy, innovative and positive atmosphere of Ten Fu Tenmax has permeated into everywhere. In this global convention, Ten Fu Tenmax rent four meeting halls of Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center which are M Hall, Q Hall, R Hall and T Hall. The total area is 30 thousands square meters. The massive meeting place, the busy check-in office and the unique green of Ten Fu Tenmax became the feature of Ten Fu Tenmax.


The meeting place had 16 exits & entrances and 1 entrance for VIP distributors who are above One Star Sapphire. There were thousands of people in the meeting place at 8 o’clock. Many distributors came to the meeting place very early. They could not wait because they want to enter the meeting place in early to feel the shock and surprise from this global convention.

The staffs of Ten Fu Tenmax always consider the requirements of their members. They provided many parking places for distributors’ luxury cars. More than ten luxury cars parked there made many members felt high-end, generous and luxurious display.

Clean and bright rest room for VIP distributors – M Hall

There were 20 self-cashiers for distributors to place orders – T Hall

In order to provide rapid service for distributors to order, Tenmax set up twenty computers in T Hall. Distributors placed their orders on the computers one by one. This helped them save a lot of time in queue.

Cash desk in T Hall

Product depositary in T Hall

There was a product depositary behind shopping area. Distributors could deposit their goods in there after their purchasing, and take away in any time.

Tenmax also provided delivery service for distributors in T Hall. The express staff could help the distributors pack and post the package to appointed address. This convenient delivery service was provided to every distributor in there. 


The meeting place set up an area for Taiwan famous scenery. The distributors of Tenmax can felt local customs and practices of Taiwan, and took these beautiful sceneries as memories.

On 9 o’clock, there were three training courses orderly held in M Hall, Q Hall and R Hall respectively. Three halls held different training courses in six periods at the same time. Totally, there were 24 training courses. The executive general manager Mr. Morgan Chang and the vice general manager Mr. Stone Lee led ten elite lecturers whom are company senior manager, elite distributors and product experts. This lecturer team has abundant marketing experiences, acute market analyze sight and international presentation skill. They gave an aural, visual and spiritual shock to every distributor in meeting place. Many distributors said that they gained a lot at those courses.

Mr. Morgan Chang introduced how to set up a franchise shop – M Hall

As rapid development in the performance of Tenmax, the franchise shop is imperative. Mr. Morgan Chang explained how to manage a franchise shop and how to maximize the profit. The franchise shop will be a precious wealth for the distributors.

Mr. Stone Lee introduced new product Plants Concentrated – M Hall

Senior beautician of Tenmax introduced new product Stoste Series – Q Hall

Senior nutritionist of Tenmax introduced Tenmax Con-A+ – Q Hall

Marketing director of Tenmax Mr. Yong He explained how to start six circulations to success – R Hall

Business Director of Tenmax Mr. Jonathan Chou reported the main direction of international markets for Tenmax in 2015.

The president of Ten Fu Group Mr. Stanley Lee explained the Innovation of Tenmax

There were 32 national flags were hanged in the main entrance of the meeting place. These 32 flags represent the targeted markets of Tenmax. Tenmax began its steps to worldwide. 

In R Hall, there was a display area for famous people of Tenmax. It showed Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire Honor Hall which was the honor of Tenmax and its great distributors as well.


The Honor Hall is for the distributors of Tenmax who have achieved Three Stars Ruby and above.

At 1:30 pm, the global convention of Ten Fu Tenmax opened officially. The M Hall is 1000 m2 and had a huge display screen which had 60 meters length and 9 meters height. The wonderful performance and resplendent lamplights won high praise from all audiences. In the waves of hurrah and cheers, the 32 national flags came into the main stage. When Chinese flag came in, which is the largest market of Tenmax, all Chinese distributors felt proud national spirit. This also presented the theme of this global convention; Tenmax is not only developed in main land of China, but also develop its business to all over the world. 

Honored moment, Hero banquet

After the opening ceremony of global convention, the hero banquet which sincerely appreciated the hard-working of great distributors in 2014 was held on 6:00 pm. This was not only a dinner party, but also a good chance for many elites communicating and discussing how to develop international markets. The rich dressing distributors reflected that they paid attentions on the hero banquet.

During the hero banquet, Mr. Stanley Lee, Mr. Boqi Lin and Mr. Morgan Chang led the business managers of Tenmax raised the glass with everyone.

The hero banquet began with blessings and good expectations. Tenmax believed that there were more and more distributors join together and create international markets in the future.

Reviewed the year 2014, Tenmax developed rapidly and created wonderful achievements. All of us witnessed the growth of Tenmax together. From Change of 2014 to Innovation of 2015, and then march to international markets, nothing can stop future development of Tenmax. These proud achievements created by our joint effort and trust.

The philosophy of Tenmax is “health, beauty, wealth, combination of tradition and innovation, and pursuit of excellence”. Tenmax expects to cooperate with partners who have strategic insight, and would like to work together, develop together. Tenmax also hope to create sincere friendship with all distributors and enjoy “win-win” achievements together. And then, Tenmax will continue to adopt more flexible method, more humanized system, more excellent service and more harmonious environment for all distributors. Tenmax honestly hope to create beautiful and wonderful future with you!