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The first term lecture training in 2015 was successful!

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January 20th, 2015, was a data of Chinese 24 Lunar term, called Great Cold. In that day, the first term lecture training began in Great Cold. There was a comprehensive training combining learning and experience in order to reach a brand training of Tenmax. For this time, we integrated a lot of resource to force every targeted member. Moreover, the training involved story, discuss, game, presentation and PK those elements to help members better understand and copy. Let us go to see the wonderful live. 

The senior managers paid highly attention to the training

The senior managers of Tenmax paid highly attention to the training. The president of Ten Fu Group, Stanley Lee, and the president of Tenmax, Lin Boqi, and the CEO of Tenmax made speech for everybody. In the speech, we can see the important for this training. 


Explaining nutrition via stories

The vice CEO of Tenmax, Stone Lee, summarized his experience in nutrition for each stories including nutrition knowledge and theory to teach every trainee and also he built several questions and answers sessions to answer all of their questions. Through the different teaching style, the majority of our members have a deeper understand and spoke highly of him.


Learning products in the activities

The Ms. Zheng is a nutritionist, who is the youngest and most excellent one. She graduated the Master Degree of Dietician and got the license. She was familiar with every product of Tenmax and like them, so she used the professional knowledge to explain health care products.

Improving in the presentation and PK

In order to select an outstanding lecture servicing in the market, we also arranged separating group for presentation and invested excellent teachers for their tutor. Everybody treasured this opportunity, so took part in the activities.

In the evening classes, the Senior Nationality Food Inspector and tertiary nutritionist and the training department staff, Ms. Wu, expressed the series commodity and water purifier. The effect made a lot of trainee feeling miracle. 

In the last day of training, we hold a competition. In order to help the trainees to understand and use health care products, and there were 50 family members went through preliminary contest, semifinals, and grand finale to know more about how to use the products and explain in the market. Furthermore, in this game, we also provide three awards and six families acquire those prizes.


How to build stage manner

It is a well-known that a lecture has an attractive personality and charm, including language and body language. In this training, we also provided this session and had Ms. Han whose major is Public Relations and Journalism improved their personality and confidence in the stage.

How to obtain clapping

If you want to become an excellent lecture, you have to improve your ability of presentation. Presentation is the origins of life art. Therefore, we also had the business manage, Mr. Wei to teach our trainee to improve their ability of presentation. In his classes, they were all ears and soaked every word in like a sponge.

A good health is very impartment

Morning exercise was also in this training for helping them full of passion and go to the training. In this session, the exercise coaching, Mr. Xing arranged a series aerobic gymnastics, so we hoped our trainees could involve exercise in the job. 

The art of life lies in taking pleasure as they as pass. The morning exercise was not enough for our trainees, so Ms. Han also taught them setting-up exercise during the break.

Achievement in the game

The Business Department Director, Mr. Chou, the teacher in charge works, designed a lot of special games. For example, when the class finished, some trainees would went to the white board to share their mind or feedback. Therefore, our trainees could learn for each other. 


We are in the same family
In order to help everybody more understand, we had several assistances to solve their questions and problem. In the end of the training, they became friends.

In the tense classes, we also had some sweet dessert and night snack for them. When they was eating night snack, they shared their stories. They agreed Tenmex is a personal home.


In this lecture training, the vice CEO, Stone Li leaded the whole staffs in the thankful session to say goodbye for everyone. In the marketing exploration, our members not only need have knowledge of products, but also need more practices. Therefore, more and more people will know our products and more and more people want to join our family. Hope everyone have successful career!