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Welcome the supervisor of Digital River come to Tenmax for inviting

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On March 4, 2015, there was still in the Chinese New Year and before Lantern Festival, the Group Vice President of Digital River, Lenny Crotty, the Vice President of Sale, APAC of Digital River, James Huang, and the Director of Technical Sales, APAC of Digital River, Winnie Wang, came to Ten Fu Tenmex in Xiamen.

Digital River provided Ten Fu Tenmax international online payment service and is a very important partner for us. Perhaps everybody did not know much about the corporation of Digital River, we give you a brief explanation. 

Digital River is a public company that provides global e-commerce, payments and marketing services. Digital River is headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Digital River has a lot of clients such as Nuskin and Mary Kay like Tenmax direct selling market companies and Microsoft and Lenovo electronics companies.  

During this journey, the CEO of Ten Fu Tenmax, Morgan Chang and the Vice CEO of Ten Fu Tenmax, Stone Lee, accompanied with them and explained different kinds of products and the future development plan.  

Before leaving, Lenny Crotty and the CEO of Morgan Chang took a picture in the front of national flags and also he hoped more and more better products would come out from Tenmax and the international market will more and more stronger.