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New product launch meeting of Ten Fu Tenmax on 28-29 March, 2015, in Xiamen

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Spring is a delightful season. The temperatures are moderate, and the blooming trees and flowers make the city bright with colors. There was a new products release meeting was held on March 28th and 29th. As thousands and thousands of people joined the meeting, the senior managers of our company made a decision to arrange the meeting during those two days. 

During those two days, there were 15,000 family members of Tenmax came to Xiamen Workers Stadium and witnessed the new products launch.

The staff gave an introduction of two new products.

Member queued to get in.

Mr. Wei Lijun was a toastmaster, with his passion to open the meeting. The sapphire, diamond distributions and the top manager of Tenmax entranced the meeting with music around and waved their hand to thank you everybody joining. 

The president of Ten Fu Tenmax Lin Boqi gave an opening speech for the new products release meeting and thanked for new and old friends coming.

After that, the president Lin gave an introduction about the counselors of medical science of Tenmax and also had a belief that with our Research and Development Group and abundant capital support, the products of Tenmax would take a lead of market. 


The senior lecture of Tenmax, Ms. Zheng Xuehong, gave a deep introduction about the Vegetable Cleaning Power. The Research and Development Consult of this product was Dr. Jinmin Hong, who is the director of the peasant association of Taiwan province. The product not only can wipe off 99% of pesticide stayed in fruit and vegetable, but also can fresh the fruit and vegetable and do not have any pollution of environment.

Moreover, in order to make the family can know more about the magic effect of the product; Ms. Zheng also gave a demonstration of Vegetable Cleaning Power direction. The result of experiment had a big contrast different between before using and used.

Then, the toastmaster invested the other Research and Development consult of Anti-acne Spray, Dr. Serman Lii and Dr. Mregory shared the process. 


Furthermore, in the meeting also invested the experiencer to introduced her experience.

The CEO of Tenmax, Morgan Chang, explained the top seller products in the past year and gave a deep explanation the future business prospect and CSR model. The company would continue to be will about corporate social responsibility, take good care of poor children and lonely elderly men and bring love with all of distributions to everywhere. 

In the sharing secession, there were several excellent distributions went to the stage to share their successful.


In the last of meeting, the president of Ten Fu Group, Stanley Lee made a conclusion for the meeting. Under the leading of president Lee, the future of Tenmax will become more and more glorious. 

In this meeting, another point was to open the CRS model. The business began from two high school students launch to sell postcards and donate to poor children in order to help them to have a better education. The senior managers was influenced by the launch and decided to establish a love foundation following love and pass love. 

After the meeting, under the president Stanley and CEO Morgan appeal, the response continuous and many friends join the donation especially a sapphire, Lin Qinlin donated 100 thousands RMB.


Finally, the meeting with a lot of praise finished.