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Tenmax New Product Launch Dated July 20th, 2015 Was Crowned With Complete Success.

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The intense summer heat was really insupportable, but it was quickly cooled down by a raging storm in the morning. The rain cooled down the sizzling atmosphere, but didn't seem to affect people's passion, because Tenmax new product launch will be held on July 20th in the Xiamen Conference and Exhibition Center.


The company had been very concerned about this conference, and had spent a lot of time and effort on it. It’s really sweet that the company has set up the Registration Area, Packing Place, Product Displaying Area, and CNC Sales Area for our members. You can see our staffs in Green Ts have been busy in serving members everywhere.


Exclusive Parking Place for Excellent Distributors


 People are seriously crowding at the Taiwan Trip Registration Counter 



Booth for Teabeau Xicui Series


Booth for Green Tea Extract Capsule


Booth for CNC




The warm-up activity before the launch had already showed us the youthful vigor of Tenmax members. The video clip of the 2014 Tenmax Global Conference brought back the passion and enthusiasm that we used to have. Accompanied by cheerful music, people began to dance. It's basically a party in the city of Xiamen.



Followed with the countdown, the Product Launch began. It was hosted by the manager of Sales Department, Mr. Wei Li-jun. His emotional  voice leaded people to enter  an audio-visual banquet.  The company executives and those excellent distributors walked on the red carpet, and drew loud cheers.


With the entrance music, the founder of TenFu Group, Mr Lee Rui-Ho turned up. Despite her age, Chairman Lee had still taken the trouble to attend the conference. He was really concerned about the product launch.



Address from ChairmanLee.

   The Presidentof Tenfu Tenmax, Lin Bo-qi attended and addressed the product launch, which erupted in applause.




People were going to seriously freak out. The new product that we have been looking forward was going to turn up in the market. The first new product was the Green Tea Extract Capsule developed by Tenmax. It contains the highest tea polyphenols within the industry. It passed the SGS testing, and does not contain pesticide residues, or any heavy metals. The Vice General Manager of Tenfu Tenmax, Howard Wu introduced the product to members. He was professional and really persuasive that people were deeply attracted by his speech.

  Whitening is the new national pastime in this season. In order to help those who want to get rid of “Black Beauty”, Tenmax developed the Teabeau Xicui Series. These products were introduced by Dr. Lee Shi-min from University of Southern California. We believe Teabeau Xicui Series will reproduce you the bright white luster of skin.




The new program of Tenmax, Preferred Customer Program, was introduced by the CEO of Tenmax, Mogen Zhang. In order to survive from the fierce competition, innovation is essential. Tenmax created this new program, and we believe this program will attract more and more people to join us. 




People those who have visited the Tenmax head office in Xiamen were very familiar with CNC. Cha n Chat (CNC) is the brand created by TenFu Group in 2014. In the near future, people will be able to enjoy the pure tea flavor everywhere in China. The CEO of Tenmax, Mogan Zhang introduced theCNC franchise business to us. With the 7 advantages, we believe the CNC is going to be an excellent model in the direct selling industry.



1.The powerful sources in tea industry

2.The famous band with the rich cultural heritage 

3.Management experience of global tea franchised stores

4.The huge amount of Tenmax members

5.Extra bonus provided by Tenmax platform

6.No Agent Fees

7.To use the POS software online for free



After the introduction of new program, Mogen Zhang also introduced the social charity that Tenmax had engaged in. Tenmax have been dedicated in charity, and will continue to help those children and elderly people in poverty.


Follows was the fantastic sharing from those excellent distributors. They shared us what they had gained from the platform of Tenmax, the treasure, the glory…. Some of them even donated a large amountof money, which followed by a hearty round of applause. 


Finally, the president of TenFu Group, Stanly Lee made a concluding speech. Under the President Lee, we do believe that Tenmax will have a brighter future.



The final part was the Sailing Ceremony of Travel to Taiwan.Tenmax will be on luxury cruise trip to Taiwan on July 21th with those excellent distributors. The company executives and those who will attend the trip went on the stage, the place seethed with enthusiasm. We hope all of us will be on the next trip toTaiwan. 

Finally, the product launch was successfully concluded with the fireworks and cheers. Now the conference is over, yet the way for success is still long. We will try our best to create more splendid tomorrow. We are looking forward to see you there next time.