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Tenmax New Products Launch on Sep 20th

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  The memory of TENMAX NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH dated July 20th is still fresh in  mind.Now Tenmax is going to launch new products again on Sep 20th at the same place.The new product launch was themed “Technology. Create And Enjoy the Future” and covered such modules as Product Exhibition,Product Trials, Charity, etc.


  Although it has been only two months since last product launch, a number of over 5,000 people, including Tenmax senior management, Tenmax sales elites, and members collectively gather in the exhibition center, waiting to witness the spectacular moments. In order to provide best services for Tenmax members, our staffs were busy all daylong preparing for the new product launch.

 People were in line waiting to get in.


Cute Tenmax People


Sales Elites’ Luxuries Cars  


Product Exhibition


The New Products Attract Many People. 


Love Donation Area 


Before the launch, the video clip of Tenmax annual meeting, product launch on July 20th and the incentive travel to Taiwan,rekindle the spirit and enthusiasm of people. 

Outstanding distributors and company executives stepped on the red blanket one by one, waving to people. All the audiences at the site expressed their excitement in the warm applause and acclamations. As the countdown starts by all the attendees with the host, Mr. Wei Li-jun, the new product launch begins. 


The new products that we were looking forward are coming soon. People were holding their breath, waiting for the amazing moments. The first product was the Teabeau Eye Firming Set. The Senior Beauty Lecturer, Ms.Zheng Xue-hong introduced it to people. The Teabeau Eye Firming Setuses the third generation micro-needle technology;each Teabeau Hyaluronic Acid Patch contains 1000micro-needles, which can diminish wrinkles around eyes effectively. In order to demonstrate its powerful anti-wrinkle performance, we have invited 50members to participate in the product trial. After the trial, people were marveled at the amazing effect of the new product, at the same time humbled in the amazing masterwork of Tenmax R&D Team.


The second item is the Coenzyme Q10 & Vitamin E Softgel, the young senior nutritionist of Tenmax, Ms. Fang Yan-Qing introduced the new product to people. The Coenzyme Q10 was fermented by natural microbes to provide energy and oxygen for cardiac cells for a younger heart.


The third one is the E09 mobile phone, which introduced by the Marketing Director, Mr. He Yong.  When the iphone 6s was sweeping the market this fall, Tenmax took challenges and launched the new E09. With the fashion appearance, faster processors, the E09 is goingto occupy a huge market share soon.  We do believe E09 would more helpful for our members in developing the markets.


  The most important part of the launch is the CNC and the TMX skymall, which was introduced by the CEO of Tenmax, Zhang Hong-lin. Just one month after the launching of CNC project, we have received thousands of applications from members.  Nowadays, the CNC stores are widely spreading around the country. With the powerful backup of Tenmax, we believe that people will be able to enjoy the tea flavor everywhere in the near future.


The TMX sky mall under preparation is coming soon. In the near future, people will able to enjoy shopping at home by a two-dimension code, while earning bonus. Tenmax always keeps its commitment by breaking through traditional pattern and creating new marketing patterns for a brighter future by technology.

In the sharing session, three of sales elites shared people their personal experiences with people. They are loyal to Tenmax and sincere in their character. By making endless efforts, they have achieved outstanding records of sales not only adding glamour to their lives, but also making contributions to the development of Tenmax.  

Finally, the president of Tenfu Group, Mr. Stanly Lee madea concluding speech. Tenfu Group will fully support Tenmax to extend endlessly, andcreate a new story in the direct selling field.


  Time goes by quickly, it’s time to say goodbye. Five thousands Tenmax people from different places of the country assembled here to share the new products and the business opportunity. Life becomes morebeautiful with Tenmax; Tenmax become stronger with you. There are not only inspiring words to show our resolution, but also the exclamations to show our gratitude. See you in the Tenmax Annual Conference.