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2015 The Second Tenmax “New Power, New Momentum” Theme Training for Distributors above Emerald Grade

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The month of October is the harvest season. In this beautiful season, Tenfu Tenmax held a training course for those distributors above emerald grade. The training course was themed “New Power, New Momentum”. 300 distributors above emerald grade came from different places of the country to attend the training. The training course gives them insight into the corporate culture, the product philosophy, and the operation model more systematically. All of them were diving into the training in hopes of using what they have learned in order to expand market in the future.


Corporate culture is the source of core competence of the corporation, and fully reflection of a company's soft power. Being the excellent distributors of Tenmax, it’s our responsibility to understand and inherit the Tenmax corporate culture more comprehensively,to keep pace with the company growth and development. Tenmax corporate culture presented by the Presidentof Tenmax, Mr Lin Bo-qi, made an impression on the distributors.


Mentality is one of the most important factors in a quick and steady running of business. The vice general manager of Tenmax, Mr. Wu Jia-nan taught a lesson about the mentality in direct marketing. Direct marketing provides an open business platform for those who wish to achieve success. One can also help your friends to achieve success through this open business platform. Patience and persistence are the keys to success.To achieve success, in addition, we need some other valuable qualities of human beings: love, courage and sense of responsibility. No pains no gains. Remember, god helps those who help themselves. 


Besides the Six –Steps in Starting Business, guidance on products is also significant to promote the sustainable and steady development of business. We do know that only re-consumption will help Tenmax and members to grow together.  In order to strengthen and expand business, the leaders should understand the product philosophy and product concepts well.The most important technique that gets people up-close and personal with the product is product demonstration. The product philosophy was introduced by the Manager of Traning Department, Ms. Zheng Yi-jian.  People were participating in the demonstration of Teabeau Eye Firming Set,which pushed the training to the climax.


“Simplify and repeat”--- The secret of success in direct sales. Led by the Vice General Manager, Mr. Wu Jia-nan, and the MarketingDirector, Mr. He Yong, People get to explore the secret of success.  


The CEO of Tenfu Tenmax, Mr. Morgan Zhang announced that we will initiate a brand-new business model.  People were encouraged by it. Some of ourmembers can’t wait to start cooperation with Tenmax.  Are you ready now?


A good healthy body is the foundation for a successful career and the base for getting wealth.  People danced together not only just to have fun, but also to improve the learning efficiency and quality.


People were divided into groups to have a competition, which fully reflects the importance of full-cooperation among team members to the success of a team. Finally, the winners were awarded by the company executives.


People went on the stage to share their feeling about the training with others. The training not only enriches their knowledge, but also improves their marketing skills.


Ms. Zhang Xin, The Three Star Sapphire Distributor

Mr. Lee Chang Hong,The Three Star Sapphire Distributor
Mr. Zeng Hong-feng,The Three Star Sapphire Distributor
Mr. Cao Hai-yuan,The Three Star Sapphire Distributor

Mr. Lin Qin-lin, the first Corporation Diamond Of Tenmax


PresidentLee made a concluding speech for the training. His speech created more trust onthe distributers, and we believe Tenfu Tenmaxis going to have a brighter future.

We wish all the distributors will create a win-win situation in cooperation with Tenmax. Tenmax has become a powerful international company with thousands of fixed members, and it can provide a number of advantages and the best platform for distributors. We believe Tenmax will become stronger and stronger, and become one of the leading companies in direct selling industry.

The training finally achieved a complete success.