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The 2015 Tenfu Tenmax “Share of Glory”Theme Awards Ceremony was successfully held

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As 2015 ends, New Year 2016 is coming. In order to express our sincere thanks to the hard work and dedication of thousands of Tenmax people in the past one year, the Tenfu Tenmax Awards Ceremony was formally held at the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center on December 20th, 2015. A numberof 15,000 people collectively witnessed the spectacular ceremony moments.

To ensure the success of the upcoming ceremony and best services provided for Tenmax people, the whole company has been busy in planning and preparing the ceremony in the past one month. Even at the last moment, all the staffs were throwing themselves into work both on the stage and behind the scenes.


The ceremony was about to begin, people were noisy and passionate in and outside the hall. Massive dancing, classic songs and the passionate performance brought the opening into continuous culminations one after another.  


It was a great hour to have the founder of Tenfu Group, Mr. Lee Rui-ho presenting in the ceremony and delivering an inspiring speech. This was the night where everyone was recognized for their hard work in the past one year.

 The president of Tenfu Tenmax, Mr. Lin Bo-qi attended the ceremony as well. He expressed his recognition and appreciation to the hard work of distributors, and also prospected on the splendid future of Tenmax.

The most exciting moments of glory sharing was about to start.  First of all, the Emerald Distributors were awarded by the CEO of Tenmax, Mr. Morgan Zhang. The team of Emerald Distributors grows very quickly in the past one year. They play a decisive role in the market in building consumers and distributors network. Their efforts to Tenmax have been well received by all of us.


There were few Sapphire Distributors last year. But it grows as a team with the high rocketing increase. They were determined to occupy the market share, and devoted all the energies to achieving them. Eventually, success favors those who work hard. To commend their loyalty and love for the cause of Tenmax, the president of Tenmax, Mr. Lin Bo-qi presented them the awards of Sapphire Distributors.

After the awarding, The CEO of Tenmax, Mr. Morgan Zhang delivered a speech to the attendees.  In his speech, he explained the crossover collaboration of direct selling & CNC business, and also the upcoming project: the compressive online shopping platform ---- TMX Sky Mall. Online shopping was more and more popular among people in recent years.We are facing an 8 trillion online market. Welcome to join us in the TMX sky mall in the near future.


Afterthe speech, the stadium was again overwhelmed by the thunders of applause; and all attendees were struck by the atmosphere.After that, the president of Tenmax, Mr. Lin Bo-qi continued to present the awards to the Three Star Sapphire distributors.

The awarded distributors in excitingwords expressed their gratitude for the significant support provided by Tenmax,and shared their secrets of success. It was their wishes that Tenmax would make more magnificent accomplishments in the future.


Here comes the most exciting moment. The Corporation Diamond Distributor goes to Mr.Lin Qin-lin. Mr. Lin Qin-lin born in a poor family, but he kept trying and never stops working for his goals. Since he joined in Tenmax, he led the way in achieving outstandingrecords of sales with a numbers of excellence distributors. By making endless efforts, they have achieved excellent sales records not only adding glamour totheir lives, but also making contributions to the development of Tenmax. Tonight,he was awarded as the highest glory --- Corporation Diamond Distributor by thepresident of Tenfu Group, Mr. Stanly Lee.


Everyone was recognized for their amazing work. Finally, the president of Tenfu Group, Mr. Stanly Lee made a concluding speech. He expressed his sincere thanks for the trust and support of all distributors in the past few years. The glory and the success of Tenmax belong of everyone here today.

Success belongs to those who work hard and never give up. Great achievements were made by those who clinging together in times of trouble. In line with the Chairman Lee’s motto“To share the glory of success with all, to take the responsibility of failure alone”, Tenmax will continue to build a dream stage for Tenmax people with practical action.  The 2015 Tenfu Tenmax “Share of Glory”Theme Awards Ceremony came to a successful end on  December 20th, 2015. Look forward to see you next year.