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The First New Product Show in 2016 Was Ended With Success

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Spring is a colorful season with blossoms and greens, which represents hope and a better future. On March 26th, thousands of people from different places all over the country visited the headquarters of Tenfu Group. 

They were visiting the AAAA scenic spot ── The Stone Garden.

They were enjoying the tea art performance held in the largest tea museum in the world.

After that, they arrived in the Worker's Stadium located in Xiamen to attend the 2016 Tenfu Tenmax New Product Launch.

The first new product launch in 2016, the most beautiful audio-visual feast, which will provide you the best quality product and the leading business mode, was going to begin in this stadium soon.

  The new product launch was going to begin after two hours later; many people already arrived in the stadium.  Some of them were attracted by the new products in the product exhibition area, some of them were checking in , and some of them were making donations to charities.

People Were Making Donations to Charities 

People Were Entering the Stadium

The Most Exciting Moments  

Exclusive Parking Spaces For Sales Elites’ Luxuries Cars  

New Product Exhibition and Product Trials

Before the convention, the video of the incentive travel to Taiwan and the Tenmax annual conference rekindled the spirit and enthusiasm of people. Accompanied by cheerful music, people began to dance. It's basically a party in the city of Xiamen. 

With the entrance music, those outstanding distributors and company executives stepped on the red blanket one by one, waving to people.  They are experts who know the economy and market well. They are acquainted with the Tenmax culture, and compliance with the corporate values. Tenmax has been providing the best platform and support for all distributors. 

The president of Tenmax, Mr. Lin Boqi presented the convention and delivered effulgent speeches. He expressed his sincere thanks to those distributers and Tenmax staffs for their hard work. In this convention, we have invited the chairman of the Zhongshan hospital foundation in this stadium, and Tenmax announce the donation of 250 thousand Yuan.

Opening Speeche by The President of Tenmax, Mr. Lin Boqi

Tenmax Donated 250 Thousand to Zhongshan Hospital Foundation

Engels once said that no life without protein. Protein is the most important components of body.  The Senior Nutritionist, Ms. Fang Yanqing, introduced the new product--- Tenmax Protein Solid Beverage to the attendees. 

 Tenmax Compound Protein Solid Beverage Introduced by Ms. Fang Yanqing, The Senior Nutritionist  

The manager of the TMX Skymall Dept, Mr.Tang Weijie introduced the business opportunity that TMX Skymall brought to us.  Internet changed our life style and changed the model of entrepreneurship. The TMX Sky Mall, which was established by the listed companies of Tenfu Group and Tenren Group, went live on Feb 22th, 2016. TMS Sky Mall was aimed at leading a trend of public business and innovation. It was a brand-new business opportunity that provides a new service platform for more and more people.


The Operation Model of  TMX Skymall Introduced by Mr.Tang Weijie, The Manager of TMX Skymall Dept.

After that,  the leaders of Tenmax brought a series of policies to support the development of market. People were getting excited when they heard the good news.

Discount Package--- The Win-Win Co-Operation betweenTenmax and Unicom 

Introduced by the Sales Director of Tenmax, Mr. He Yong

The sales director of Tenmax, Mr. He Yong introduced the new reward policy for new members. He also made a demonstration to the attendee on how to place auto-orders.

Four Days Three Nights Tea Culture Trip From Xiamen to Kinmen

New Reward Policy For New Members Introduced by The Vice General Manager of Tenmax, Mr. Howard Wu

The vice general manager of Tenmax, Mr. Howard Wu made a speech about the incentive travel policy. He dished up the whole speech in a humorous way.  


New Reward Policy For Emerald Grade Distributors 

Introduced by The CEO of Tenmax, Mr. Morgan Zhang

The CEO of Tenmax, Mr. Morgan Zhang made a speech of “Deepplowing”.  He introduced a serious of favor policies to the attendees. In his speech, he mentioned that only with the stable foundation can we go further. Mr. Morgan Zhang was in the field of direct industry for 29 years. He is professional and dedicated to his job, leading our team to move forward on the long journey to grow it! 

How time flys !  The new product launch was going to the end soon. The president of Tenfu Group, Mr. Stanly Lee made an inspiring concluding speech. 

 He also invited 5 excellent distributors to go on the stage to share their opinions about the new policies and their plans for future development.

Distributors were sharing their opinions

Finally, the first new product show in 2016 was ended with success.