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The 0625 New Product Launch & Semi-Annual Awards Ceremony Was Ended Successfully

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        In summer, especially lush vegetation, holly leaves shiny, elm tree with luxuriant foliage, give people put up a thick green shade. Tenfu Tenmax have been adhered to the product philosophy of “Natural, Healthy, Technological”, and engaged in the research of new products. Today, a new product launch and a Semi-annual Awards Ceremony was going to be held in the beautiful city of Xiamen.

        The performance brought by the Mengtian Band led people to stunning audio-visual feasts with passionate show.       

The President of Tenfu Tenmax, Mr. Lin Bo-qi made an opening speech. He expressed his sincere congratulations to the new Emerald Distributors, and the warmest welcome to the Tenmax people and the medical advisor from Taiwan.    

President Lin said Tenmax has made some achievements in the past three years. Now it was rooted in every places of the county, just like the bamboo which spent the first five years in rooting deep in the soil instead of growing taller. It’s going to grow into a towering tree in the near future, because we have three advantages: first, the strongest backup from Tenfu and Tenren Group; secondly, the best health products that are good for human; thirdly, the tea culture that will attracts more and more people to join us. 


Mr. Lau, Shih-Ming, the authoritative M.D. of anti-aging & medical cosmetology from Taiwan introduced the first new product ---Anti-wrinkle Spa Series to the attendees. Anti-wrinkle Spa Series includes the Purifying and Soothing Gel and Active Peptide Soothing Cream to diminish visible fine lines and wrinkles and revitalizing skin to provide youthful radiance. 


       Only three monthes after announcemnt of the incentive policy of “Travel to Kinmen”,  more than 200 distributors have achieved their goals. They stepped on the stage and awarded by the CEO of Tenfu Tenmax, Mr. Mogan Zhang. Thank you all, thank you for your effort that created the glory and achievements of today. 

        The CEO of Tenfu Tenmax, Mr. Morgan Zhang wished those awardees to have a good time during their 4 days and 3 nights tea culture trip to Kinmen. After that, there was a video of the introduction of the tour to Kinmen. Would the beautiful seaside scenery, the western style building that full of war history, remind you of the thoughts of travelling?

Speech from one of the awardees.



Natural make-up is becoming more and more popular nowadays among girls. To create silky natural expression, Tenmax launched the new product --- Tenmax CC cream. The fine and light particles of CC cream fits skin silky to create a stunning natural expression, and mixes skin care function and make-up function adequately to offer moisture and nutrition to skin. The CC cream was introduced by the Manager of Training Dept., Ms, Sun Ying-jian. Everyone were marveled at her professional knowledge and the live experience.


In the family of Tenmax, there is a bunch of youthful positive people. Though barriers may sometimes stand in the way of their dreams, they never give up.  Their hard work and their support push Tenmax to move forward.
There are 25 new emerald distributors who are standing in the middle of the stage, awarded by the President of Tenfu Tenmax, Mr. Lin Boqi. In addition, each of them won 75 thousand RMB.


  Speech from one of the new Emerald Distributors. 

One of the excellent distributors, Ms. Tan Ao-shuang went on the stage to make a speech. The success of Tenmax is due to the great effort of Tenmax people.  They always believe in Tenmax, and never give up to move forward with Tenmax. Tenmax never gain success without your fully support. 



The Vice President of Taiwan Zhongshan Hospital, Mr Lee Shi-ming introduced the last product  ---the Cordyceps Militaris Complex Powder. Cordyceps militaris is one of the Three Traditional Tonic in China; the nutrients contained are good for health.
This product is cultivated from optimized strains and multiple mediums under man-made environment, so the nutrients contained is richer than wild cordyceps. It was certified by SGS International Test, 312 Western Medicine Test, and 25 Pesticide Composition Test that it’s free of heavy metal, western medicine, or presiticide. In one word, it’s a powerful energy-enhancing health tonic.


Did you miss the favorable policies of last season?  Never mind. The Vice General Manager of Tenfu Tenmax, Mr. Wu Jia-nan was going to share some good news with us. He introduced the new business policy, and the company development strategies. Everybody was excited about the good news, and had every confidence in their success.

        The CEO of Tenfu Tenmax, Mr. Morgan Zhang had a speech after that. Tenmax is aimed at becoming the top direct selling company in the word. Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. With strong foundation and humanize construction, we will tower over our competitors as the world’s biggest direct selling company. Tenmax need your participation and support so that we could do our job more effective and fruitful!

The moment of glory comes, the winner of the Corporation Diamond is Mr. Cao Haiyuan. To honor his supreme achievement, the President of Tenfu Group, Mr. Stanly Lee awarded him the trophy of Corporation Diamond. Mr. Cao Haiyuan worked with Tenmax just a few years. His sucess is not achieved by sheer luck. One should have a great ideals and stable faith for the sucess of career.  His speech infused keenness into evevyone.


The President of Tenfu Group, Mr. StanlyLee made an ending speech. The theme of his topic is “Unity, Sharing and Mutual Progress”. First of all, he expressed his congratulations to the awarded new Emerald Distributors. Then he introduced the Tea Culture Trip to Kinmen.President Lee took over the most important position in Tenfu Group when he was 56 years old, he went out of his way to the development of the company. 


Tenmax has believed that product quality is the foundation to the development of company, research and innovation are essential to its sustainable development. President Lee expressed his grateful for the Tenmax managing team, the Tenmax product lovers, brand advocators, the pursuer of Tenmax business, and the Tenmax people who have been supported Tenmax all along. He said we must unite as one so as to further expand the market; Tenmax was dedicated to helping everyone get the most out of life, hope people will share this business opportunity with others, and hope everyone will improve himself under the strong leadership of Tenmax. 

Finally, the 0625 New Product Launch and the Semi-Annual Awards Ceremony was ended successfully. Thank you everyone!